The sound palace documented here was built from the ruins of my family’s house that went up in flames. It was located just at the border the small village of Francheval, in the french Ardennes. The house was designed and build by D.R., a train driver, for his own family to live in. D.R., his wife V.R., their 3 sons, a snake, a gecko, and multiple dogs lived in the house for 5 years. At first, the only neighbor was the village’s cemetery.
 When they moved to a new house on the neighbouring piece of land, my family bought the house and occupied it for ten years, until it burned down due to an incident with the wood-burner.

Voids are history-loaded spaces waiting to be rethought, redesigned, redevised, rebuild. Here, I use dismantling as an act of documentation and creation. Dismantling the last remains of the physical space to create an immaterial structure to exist in its place. Can sound be sufficient to give the feeling of a place, to transport the mind into a coherent immaterial structure?

Project by Nina Overkott, for the Palais Idéal seminar by Sereina Rothenberger, at the HfG Karlsruhe, WS 2018-19.